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About us

  We manufacture individual & tailor-made wooden panel walls, which cannot be surpassed in terms of quality and naturalness.


​RAUMHOLZ is the most natural way to bring the forest into your home.


We manufacture wooden panel walls individually designed according to your wishes.


Each wall is unique and an untreated, environmentally friendly natural product. This means:

no paints, dye or stain.


Every single wooden panel receives a special treatment for its unique look & feel. The wall breathes and creates a pleasant room climate.


Resources are used sparingly and the ecological footprint is kept as small as possible.

Enjoying nature at home 

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Styles and Designs

Choose your favourite type of wood and panel design




The wood comes exclusively

from our regional forests of the

Erzgebirge in Saxony, Germany.



Immediately after felling, the wood is debarked.

It is checked and stacked.



When the wood is dried it gets its special 

 RAUMHOLZ design. Afterwards it will be tailored to your wishes.

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We would be blessed to create a RAUMHOLZ wood panel wall according to your wishes and ideas.

Please use our contact form to get in touch.


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Bernhard Mocikat

Dorfstraße 17e

D-09569 Kirchbach

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